Technical Program SSIE 2008

NEWCOM++ Summer School in Wireless Sensor Networks

MONDAY 30th June – Morning Session 9AM-12:30PM

1a ‘Introduction/WSNs/applications’ (1h30min) – R. Verdone, CNIT
1b ‘Industrial Efforts/Standardization’ (1h30min) – M. Dohler, CTTC

Monday 30th June – Afternoon Session, 2PM-5.30PM

2a ‘Hardware & Experimentations’ (1h30min) – M. Dohler, CTTC
2b ‘Channel Modelling for WSNs’ (1h30min) – C. Oestges, UCL

Tuesday 1st July – Morning Session, 9AM – 12.30PM

3a ‘MAC, Routing and Data Aggregation’ (3h) – M. Dohler, CTTC

Wednesday 2nd July – Morning Session, 9AM – 12.30PM

4a ‘Network Coding’ (1h30) – R. Koetter, LNT-TUM

4b ‘Topology Control and Connectivity’ (1h30min) – R. Verdone, CNIT

Thursday 3rd July – Morning Session, 9AM – 12.30PM

5a ‘UWB for WSNs’ (1h30min) – D. Dardari, CNIT
5b ‘Localisation Techniques’ (1h30min) – D. Dardari, CNIT

Friday 4rd July – Morning Session, 9AM – 12.30PM

6a ‘Distributed Data Estimation Protocols’ (1h30min), C. Anton, CTTC
6b ‘Final discussion’ (1h30min) – D. Dardari, CNIT

Emerging Topics Workshop

TUESDAY July 1, 2008 afternoon, 2PM – 5.30PM

  • Flavio Fabbri: Area Throughput for CSMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Riccardo Masiero: Network Coding and Data Fusion for Data Collection in Wireless Networks
  • Maria Rita Palattella: On the Energy Efficiency of the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC
  • Francesco Zorzi: Sensor motes and applications


  • Ermanna Conte: Channel Prediction and Quantization Methods for MIMO-BC with Limited Feedback
  • Giulio Dainelli: A layered architecture for multicellular multi-carrier systems
  • Davide Chiarotto: Cross-Layer Design of MIMO Ad Hoc Networks
  • Francesco Renna: Time synchronization and channel estimation for OFDM systems in very dispersive channels
  • Stefano Rinauro: Gain Control Free Blind carrier frequency offset estimation for QAM constellations
  • Lorenzo Rossi: Robust Interpolation for Video Error Concealment using Multiple Description Coding

WEDNESDAY July 2, 2008 3 afternoon, 2PM – 5.30PM

  • Anna Maria Vegni: Introduction of DOA/TOA based Localization Services Protocol
  • Mohamed Laaraiedh: Advanced Localization Techniques: Application to 4G Networks and Ray Tracing Tools
  • Roxana Burghelaa: Ray Tracing based propagation channel simulator including realistic UWB antenna behaviour Applications to radio positioning and navigation in heterogeneous radio systems
  • Stefano Tennina: On the Positioning Estimation of WSNs in Dynamic Indoor Environments: Experimental Results


  • Federico Librino: Cooperative techniques in wireless networks
  • Veronica Palma: A novel technique for an iris recognition system
  • Nicola Caporusso: Techniques for Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks
  • Peter Dely: Previous, Current and Future Research Activities on Packet Aggregation for Voice over IP in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Jonas Karlsson: TCP Performance Enhancements in Wireless Mesh Networks Problems, ongoing work and future
  • Marcello Caleffi: DHT Routing for Scalable Ad Hoc Networks