Technical Program SSIE 2004

Monday July 19, 2004

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Roberto Verdone, Universita’ di Bologna, ‘Sensors and ad-hoc networks’ (

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Urtzi Ayesta – Differentiation between Short and Long TCP flows
  • Balakrishna Prabhu – Analysis of Scalable TCP
  • Miorandi Daniele – Connectivity in Ad Hoc Networks and $GI|G|\infty$ Queues
  • Pini Marco – Techniques for Improving the Performance of Navigation Receivers Tracking the Signal-In-Space Multiple Paths
  • Di Renzo Marco – Performance of a Chip-Time Analog Differential Receiver for UWB Systems in a Log-Normal Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

Tuesday July 20, 2004

9:00-12:30, Tutorial Session
Prof. Letizia Lo Presti, Politecnico di Torino, ‘Galileo: A Global Navigation Satellite System’ (

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Trestino Cosmo – DSP implementation a room transfer function identification system
  • Romanin Matteo – An Acoustic Feedback Canceller
  • Cellini Valentina – A Multicarrier Architecture Based upon the Affine Fourier Transform
  • Tosato Filippo – On the Selection of Adaptive Modulation and Coding Modes over OFDM

Wednesday July 21, 2004

9:00-12:30, Tutorial Session
Prof. Fabio Neri, Politecnico di Torino, ‘What’s new in optical networks?’ (

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Autizi Elena – Periodically pole lithium niobate structures for second harmonic generation
  • Giltrelli Massimo – Cascaded Raman Amplifier in optical fibers
  • Griggio Paola – PMD properties of constantly spun fibers
  • Boato Giulia – A novel methodology for analysis of the computational complexity of block ciphers: Rijndael, Camellia and Shacal-2 compared
  • Occhipinti Tommaso – Quantum Communication Research in Padua

Thursday July 22, 2004

9:00-12:30, Tutorial Session
Prof. Giuseppe Caire, Institut EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France, ‘On Space-Time Communications’ (

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Polito Sergio – Mobile Hot-Spots in 3G-WLAN Interworked Scenarios
  • Spelat Massimiliano – Software Defined Radio Implementation of Navigation Receivers over Reconfigurable Hardware
  • Carnevale Giambattista – Joint Power Control and Receiver Optimization of CDMA
  • Sanguinetti Luca – Frequency Domain Equalization for Single-Carrier Wireless Systems
  • Federico Boccardi – Access techniques for 4G systems

Friday July 23, 2004

9:00-12:30, Tutorial Session
Dr. Nicola Laurenti, DEI Padua University, ‘Physical Layer Issues of Ultra Wide Band Systems’ (

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Cappellari Lorenzo – Trellis Coded Quantization as Vector Quantization using
  • Milani Simone – Joint Source-Channel Video Coding using FEC codes
  • Andriani Stefano – Lossless Compression for Digital Cinema
  • Feletti Luca Carlo – Cost function based Low-Density Parity-Check codes design
  • Fresia Maria – Energy Efficient Channel Coding based on Position Awareness