Technical Program SSIE 2002

Monday 8 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Michele Zorzi, University of Ferrara, Italy, ‘Support of IP applications in wireless and mobile networks’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Daniele Miorandi, University of Padova, ‘Bluetooth Polling Schemes: Stability Issues and Performance Evaluation’
  • Cristina Martello, University of Roma ‘La Sapienza’, ‘Distributed interference aware radio resource management for multi-channel systems’
  • Paolo Zaffoni, University of Bologna, ‘Class-based Interworking of TCP/IP with Optical Packet Networks’
  • Alessio Raccis, University of Cagliari, ‘Design of Multicast Networks’
  • Vincenzo Mancuso, University of Palermo, ‘Is Admission-Controlled Traffic Self-Similar?’
  • Leonardo Badia, University of Ferrara, ‘On the Impact of User Mobility on Call Admission Control in WCDMA System’

Tuesday 9 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Augusto Sarti, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, ‘New perspectives on multi-view geometry using geometric algebra’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Francesca Manerba, Università degli Studi di Brescia, ‘Modulazione di opacità degli elementi di volume per il rendering di immagini mediche 3D’
  • Mirko Luca Lobina, University of Cagliari, ‘Evaluation of Speech Quality for VoIP systems’
  • Ronny Tittoto, University of Padova, ‘Quality of Service Evaluation in 2.5G/3G Mobile Networks’
  • Riccardo Veronesi, University of Ferrara, ‘Introducing power-shaped advanced resource assignment (PSARA) in fixed broadband wireless access systems’
  • Francesco Saitta, University of Palermo, ‘Significant remarks in comparing two DiffServ Queuing Strategies for TOIP’
  • Antonio Maria Cipriano, University of Padova, ‘Realization of a source of entangled photons’

Wednesday 10 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Giorgio Matteo Vitetta, Univeristy of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, ‘Signal processing and coding techniques in MIMO OFDM systems’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Alessio Filippi, Kaiserslautern University, ‘Adaptive Frequency Allocation in MC-CDMA Systems’
  • Stefano Tomasin, University of Padova, ‘DVB-T mobile receiver with two antennas’
  • Gabriele Donà, University of Padova, ‘An Early-Late Timing Recovery Scheme for Impulse Radio in Gaussian Noise and Dense Multipath Environments’
  • Mauro Isola, University of Cagliari, ‘Simulating multi-service networks: use of scaling factor approach’

Thursday 11 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Marco Lops, University of Cassino, Italy, ‘Multiuser receiver for wireless communications on fading dispersive channels’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Umberto Manzoli, Universita’ di Modena e Reggio Emilia, ‘Forward Link Performance of Multicarrier CDMA with Different Allocations of Quasi-Orthogonal Codes’
  • Giacomo Verticale, Politecnico di Milano, ‘An Analytical Model for Outage Probability in WCDMA Systems Based on the ETSI User-Satisfaction Criteria’
  • Carlo Fischione, University of L’Aquila, ‘Outage Performance of Power Controlled DS-CDMA Wireless Systems with Heterogeneous Traffic Sources’
  • Davide Avagnina, Politecnico di Torino, ‘Design of Software-Radio Receivers for Navigation’
  • Andrea Bevilacqua, University of Padova, ‘Non-linear spectral analysis of direct conversion wireless receivers’
  • Herman Castellan, University of Bologna, ‘Initial Synchronization Procedure in S-UMTS Networks for Multimedia’

Friday 12 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Francesco Svelto, University of Pavia, ‘CMOS RF design for wireless applications’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations

  • Fabiana Rampazzo, University of Padova, ‘Investigation on current collapse in AlGaN/GaN HFET’s’
  • Roberto Pierobon, University of Padova, ‘Comparison between new SiC Schottky and Si-based Diodesin a PFC Boost Converter’
  • Domenico Zito, University of Pisa, ‘High image rejection fully inyegrated RF receiver front-rnd for wireless applications’