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73.20 €

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Student (non IEEE Student Member)

100.00 €

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IEEE Member paying personally

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All lectures and seminars will be delivered online, via Zoom.


The meeting links (including access credentials) will be sent in due time to the participants, via email.

ECTS credits

PhD students will be awarded 5 ECTS credits. For that, they have to deliver a technical report on some school’s topics of their choice, which will be evaluated by the Organizers.


The report may include a throughout state of the art on some of the presented theories / technologies and / or elaborating upon them, through additional analysis, discussions, extensions, simulations, etc.


Also, online attendance to the seminars will be checked and the credits will be awarded only if the student has attended at least 80% of the lectures of the selected track. Additional information on this will be provided by the organizers during the school.