Technical Program SSIE 2003

Monday 14 July 2003

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Giovanni E. Corazza, University of Bologna, Italy, ‘Integrated Terrestrial/Satellite Mobile Systems for Multimedia Services’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Maurizio Fantino, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘Design of Software-Radio Receivers for GPS/Galileo System’
Davide Avagnina, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘Analysis of Signal Acquisition Method for GPS and Galileo’
Pasquale Pace, University of Calabria, ‘On the Performance of connection admission control and traffic management schemes in a DVB-RCS Suited Satellite System’
Eros Feltrin, University of Padova, ‘Skyplex Data Overview’
Adele Fusco, University of Sannio, ‘Random Walk approach for wave propagation through atmospheric layers and its application to differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry’
Luca Zuliani, University of Bologna, ‘Performance of A Dynamic Channel Allocation Scheme with Frequency Hopping, Power Control and Handover in a Mobile Radio System’



Tuesday 15 July 2003

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Dr. Raffaele Bruno, CNRIIT, Pisa, Italy, ‘Optimization of Resources’ Utilization in IEEE 802.11 networks: the WLAN and Hot Spot scenarios’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Floriano De Rango, University of Calabria, ‘Multi-step Resizing of the Request Zone in Ad Hoc Networks’
Leonardo Piacentini, University of Perugia, ‘Target access router selection in advanced mobility scenarios’
Giuseppe Araniti, University of Reggio Calabria, ‘Control Mechanism for Soft-QOS Provisioning in UMTS Multitier Systems’
Enrico Natalizio, University of Calabria, ‘All Management Based on the Mobile Terminal Peak Velocity: Virtues and Limitations in a Two-tier Cellular System’
Leonardo Badia, University of Ferrara, ‘A Utility- and Price-based approach for the Radio Resource Management in Multimedia Communication Systems’
Paolo Zaffoni, University of Bologna, ‘Analytical Evaluation of the TCP Send Rate in the Presence of Slotted Optical Packet Assembly’



Wednesday 16 July 2003

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Roberto Rinaldo, University of Udine, Italy, ‘Multiple description techniques for multimedia source encoding’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Luca Merello, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘Low-Complexity Video Compression for Wireless Sensor Networks’
Barbara Penna, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘Remote sensing data compression’
Tammam Tillo, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘Multiple description coding of images’
Lorenzo Cappellari, University of Padova, ‘Analysis of joint predictive-transform coding’
Sanguinetti Luca, University of Pisa, ‘Sequence estimation for OFDM transmissions over unknown multipath fading channels’
Antonella Munna, University of Bologna, ‘WCDMA Downlink Capacity’



Thursday 17 July 2003

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Dr.ssa Paola Bisaglia, University of Padova, Italy, ‘OFDM/CDMA Schemes for Future Generation Wireless Systems’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Francesca Mighela, University of Cagliari, ‘Flexible PEDOT/ZnS electroluminescent lamps’
Fabiana Rampazzo, University of Padova, ‘Frequency transconductance and Gate-Lag dispersion in InAlAs/InGaAs/InP HEMTs’
Simone Levada, University of Padova, ‘Reliability analysis of GaN-based Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)’
Alberto Sozza, University of Padova, ‘Current collapse in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs analized by means of 2D device simulation’
Leonardo Bandiera, University of Padova, ‘Study of Total Dose Effects in Power VDMOSFETs’
Roberto Pierobon, University of Padova, ‘Compound Semiconductor challenge for the next telecom system generation’
Elena Autizi, University of Padova, ‘Analysis of stresses and optimization of silicon optical devices.’



Friday 18 July 2003

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Dr. Luca Celetto, ST Microelectronics, ‘Achitectures for MPEG-2 and H.264 video coding’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Nicola Lofu’, Polythecnic of Bari, ‘Analysis of the on-channel modulation transmitter architecture for gsm and edge (2.5G) standard’
Luca Feletti, Polythecnic of Torino, ‘CDMA/OFDM interoperable systems based on Software Defined Radio Technology’
Luca Rugini, University of Perugia, ‘A full-rank regularization technique for MMSE multiuser detection’
Filippo Tosato, University of Padova, ‘Bit and power loading for OFDM systems’
Antonio Assalini, University of Padova, ‘Timing-Frequency Synchronization and Channel Estimation for OFDM Based Hiperlan/2’