Technical Program SSIE 2002

Monday 8 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Michele Zorzi, University of Ferrara, Italy, ‘Support of IP applications in wireless and mobile networks’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Daniele Miorandi, University of Padova, ‘Bluetooth Polling Schemes: Stability Issues and Performance Evaluation’
Cristina Martello, University of Roma ‘La Sapienza’, ‘Distributed interference aware radio resource management for multi-channel systems’
Paolo Zaffoni, University of Bologna, ‘Class-based Interworking of TCP/IP with Optical Packet Networks’
Alessio Raccis, University of Cagliari, ‘Design of Multicast Networks’
Vincenzo Mancuso, University of Palermo, ‘Is Admission-Controlled Traffic Self-Similar?’
Leonardo Badia, University of Ferrara, ‘On the Impact of User Mobility on Call Admission Control in WCDMA System’


Tuesday 9 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Augusto Sarti, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, ‘New perspectives on multi-view geometry using geometric algebra’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Francesca Manerba, Università degli Studi di Brescia, ‘Modulazione di opacità degli elementi di volume per il rendering di immagini mediche 3D’
Mirko Luca Lobina, University of Cagliari, ‘Evaluation of Speech Quality for VoIP systems’
Ronny Tittoto, University of Padova, ‘Quality of Service Evaluation in 2.5G/3G Mobile Networks’
Riccardo Veronesi, University of Ferrara, ‘Introducing power-shaped advanced resource assignment (PSARA) in fixed broadband wireless access systems’
Francesco Saitta, University of Palermo, ‘Significant remarks in comparing two DiffServ Queuing Strategies for TOIP’
Antonio Maria Cipriano, University of Padova, ‘Realization of a source of entangled photons’


Wednesday 10 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Giorgio Matteo Vitetta, Univeristy of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, ‘Signal processing and coding techniques in MIMO OFDM systems’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Alessio Filippi, Kaiserslautern University, ‘Adaptive Frequency Allocation in MC-CDMA Systems’
Stefano Tomasin, University of Padova, ‘DVB-T mobile receiver with two antennas’
Gabriele Dona’, University of Padova, ‘An Early-Late Timing Recovery Scheme for Impulse Radio in Gaussian Noise and Dense Multipath Environments’
Mauro Isola, University of Cagliari, ‘Simulating multi-service networks: use of scaling factor approach’


Thursday 11 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Marco Lops, University of Cassino, Italy, ‘Multiuser receiver for wireless communications on fading dispersive channels’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Umberto Manzoli, Universita’ di Modena e Reggio Emilia, ‘Forward Link Performance of Multicarrier CDMA with Different Allocations of Quasi-Orthogonal Codes’
Giacomo Verticale, Politecnico di Milano, ‘An Analytical Model for Outage Probability in WCDMA Systems Based on the ETSI User-Satisfaction Criteria’
Carlo Fischione, University of L’Aquila, ‘Outage Performance of Power Controlled DS-CDMA Wireless Systems with Heterogeneous Traffic Sources’
Davide Avagnina, Politecnico di Torino, ‘Design of Software-Radio Receivers for Navigation’
Andrea Bevilacqua, University of Padova, ‘Non-linear spectral analysis of direct conversion wireless receivers’
Herman Castellan, University of Bologna, ‘Initial Synchronization Procedure in S-UMTS Networks for Multimedia’


Friday 12 July 2002

9:00-12:30 Tutorial Session
Prof. Francesco Svelto, University of Pavia, ‘CMOS RF design for wireless applications’

14:00-17:30 Students Presentations
Fabiana Rampazzo, University of Padova, ‘Investigation on current collapse in AlGaN/GaN HFET’s’
Roberto Pierobon, University of Padova, ‘Comparison between new SiC Schottky and Si-based Diodesin a PFC Boost Converter’
Domenico Zito, University of Pisa, ‘High image rejection fully inyegrated RF receiver front-rnd for wireless applications’